Florida SBDC Network and The Able Trust Announce Partnership 

The Florida SBDC Network and The Able Trust have formalized a strategic partnership to strengthen the small business community through training and education on the availability and expertise of persons with disabilities in the workforce. 

Both the Florida SBDC and The Able Trust will work together with the primary goal of supporting the small business workforce and entrepreneurship for persons with disabilities in the workforce. This partnership will help facilitate programs, events, and mutual partnerships to serve small business and an expanded workforce, and provide access to the Florida SBDC Network and The Able Trust programs and resources. 

The Florida SBDC Network provides expertise, training, and resources to help small businesses launch, grow and thrive. State designated as Florida’s principal provider of small business assistance, the Florida SBDC Network has more than 40 offices from Pensacola to Key West to serve the needs of Florida’s small business community.  

The Able Trust is a committed leader in providing educational and training opportunities for successful employment for persons with disabilities. The combined expertise of The Able Trust and the Florida SBDC compliment each other in a way that will continue to greatly serve the small businesses of Florida. We are thrilled to be able to partner with them and are looking forward to expanding our services to help small businesses grow,” said Greg Britton, State Director of the Florida SBDC Network.  

The mission of The Able Trust is to be a key leader in providing opportunities for successful employment for Floridians with disabilities. The organization was created by the state legislature in 1990 as the Florida Endowment for Vocational Rehabilitation, as a direct supporter of vocational rehabilitation efforts by state agencies and community organizations. Operating under the dba of The Able Trust and supporting the work of The Division of Vocational Education in the Florida Department of Education, this organization has helped to put thousands of individuals with disabilities to work, and has supported employment-related efforts in all counties of Florida.  

The Able Trust is excited about our partnership with the Florida SBDC Network and welcome the opportunity to become a resource to small businesses. We recognize the contributions small businesses make to their local economies and as employers, they will play an important role in helping expand disability employment. We believe this partnership will also help strengthen Florida’s workforce as more employers become aware of the underutilized talent pool of persons with disabilities,” said Allison Chase, president and CEO of The Able Trust.