2024 Annual Census Update
Education, employment and earnings data for persons with disabilities in Florida

The Annual Census Update uses Census Bureau data to provide an overview of Floridians with disabilities. Key demographics highlighted in this report include changes in the population of Floridians with disabilities, educational attainment, employment, and differences in labor force participation. The data reported here are the 5-year averages, with 2022 being the most recent available. That data is compared to the previous 5-year averages in the report. 

The Able Trust provides the Annual Census Update to the Florida Department of Education, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, partners, the non-profit community, and others who are engaged in helping people with a disability of all ages create a path to employment. The Able Trust updates the data report annually.

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Maximizing Employment for Persons with Disabilities in Florida

In 1990, the Florida Legislature codified statutory language that reiterates our belief that Floridians with disabilities have immense potential and talents to contribute to the workforce and lead fulfilling lives. Florida recognizes that it is in the best interest of this state that individuals with disabilities be afforded an equal opportunity to be self-supporting, independent, productive members of society (s. 413.615(3), FS).

During the 2023 session, the Florida Legislature tasked The Able Trust with evaluating the systems in the state which provide services to persons with disabilities, to make recommendations for strengthening the statewide, coordinated services system, and identify systemic barriers to meaningful employment and economic independence for Floridians with disabilities. This report examines various factors that influence the employment prospects of persons with disabilities. This report fulfills that statutory requirement, presenting recommendations to improve outcomes in disability education, training, and employment.

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NEW REPORT: Industry Analysis and Pathways to Career Success for Persons with Disabilities

The Able Trust is releasing a new study providing the latest  research on Florida’s top growing industries and highlighting occupations where there exist opportunities to increase employment of individuals with disabilities. Developed in partnership with Lightcast, a global leader in labor market analytics, the study explores the employment landscape for Floridians with disabilities. The new report also reiterates the economic benefits expanding disability employment would bring to Florida, including helping industries overcome hiring shortages. 

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Disability Employment: 2023 Annual Update

In this latest report, The Able Trust provides a data update to Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, employers, partners, the non-profit community, and others who are engaged in helping Floridians with a disability find meaningful employment. In addition to showing how employment of Floridians with disabilities has increased over the last five years, the 2023 Annual Update also includes the following updates on Floridians with disabilities:

  • National and county level population numbers,
  • Employment data including information on full and part-time work, 
  • Occupational and industry concentrations, and
  • Educational attainment.

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The Benefits of Increasing the Labor Force Participation Rate for People with Disabilities

For more than 40 years, there has been a workforce participation gap of approximately 40 percentage points between persons with disabilities and the general population without disabilities.  The Able Trust is working to close this gap through a new initiative, Inclusive Florida: Powered by The Able Trust. 

As we work to improve our understanding of disability employment in Florida, we are releasing a new report, The Benefits of Increasing the Labor Force Participation Rate for People with Disabilities. This report calculates the economic impact of increasing Florida’s labor force participation rate for people with disabilities.

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Solving Florida's Labor Shortage: The Hidden Solution

Solving Florida’s Labor Shortage: The Hidden Solution provides an update to a 2019 report The Able Trust released
in partnership with the Florida Chamber Foundation. In our ongoing efforts to provide meaningful data and research,
we are releasing this new report to show changes in the employment of persons with disabilities.

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Inclusive Florida: Powered by the Able Trust

The Able Trust supports Florida’s system of employing Floridians with disabilities — whether their first job or their last — by being the thought leader for disability workforce inclusion. A persistent workforce participation gap of more than 40 percent exists between individuals with disabilities and those without a disability. The Able Trust is working to close this gap through a new initiative — Inclusive Florida: Powered by The Able Trust. This program is a unique combination of research, outreach, and capacity building that will help strengthen our current system to ensure more Floridians with disabilities are able to enter the job market. For information, click here.


Research and Reports

In addition to our current research, below are links to additional research about the employment of individuals with disabilities.