A Florida High School High Tech alumnus and Vocational Rehabilitation client through Embrace Families in Maitland, Jahnquace “Thermon” Watkins participated in an on-the-job training opportunity as a prep cook and front-of-house worker at Seminole BBQ. Thermon established himself as a diligent, reliable worker and fast learner, offering valuable input above and beyond the usual assigned duties of his positions.

Thermon noticed Seminole BBQ served a wide variety of fried foods–french fries, mushrooms, okra and more. He also realized the restaurant was not using many of the tomatoes they purchased, since they were only used as hamburger toppings. Thermon asked Seminole BBQ’s owner why the restaurant didn’t offer fried tomatoes, and that question led to the creation of their newest menu item–fried green tomatoes. Kudos to this outstanding employee on recognizing an opportunity for growth and using his voice!