High School High Tech Youth Program

About the High School High Tech Program


The Able Trust High School High Tech (HSHT) is designed to provide high school students with all types of disabilities the opportunity to explore jobs or postsecondary education leading to in-demand careers. HSHT links youth to a broad range of academic, career development and experiential resources and experiences that will enable them to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce.

HSHT Sites are located in 43 sites across Florida and work with students with disabilities to:

  • Improve participation in education, vocational, and employment-related activities;
  • Increase their high school graduation rate, and
  • Increase their enrollment in postsecondary education & training

HSHT is a community-based partnership made up of students, parents and caregivers, businesses, educators and rehabilitation professionals. It has been shown to reduce the high school dropout rate and increase the overall self-esteem of participating students. If you are interested in participating, there is a role for you. To see where you fit into the HSHT community, contact Coleen Agner at [email protected].

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High School High Tech Success Stories


My son Richard was diagnosed with high functioning autism at the end of his kindergarten year, and our life changed. Academically, Richard did very well but socially…

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Headshot of young woman in nursing scrubs.


Melisa Lewis wanted a career in health care – and she wasn’t about to let her auditory processing deficit and hearing loss keep her from achieving her dream…

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An April 28, 2021 Florida Times-Union article, “Rehab tech at Wolfson becomes autism role model”, states that as a child, Ricardo was diagnosed with autism but he didn’t let this stop him…

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