The Able Trust is committed to advancing employment success for students with disabilities by preparing  them to excel in Florida’s workforce. 

The Able Trust Vision

Established in 1990, the vision of The Able Trust is that all Floridians with disabilities achieve their employment potential. As we work in communities across Florida, our youth programs are helping students with disabilities develop their employment goals and learn about postsecondary and career options as they plan their future.

The Hidden Talent Pipeline of People with Disabilities

Understanding the Data - The Latest Numbers on Employing Floridians with Disabilities

The Able Trust By the Numbers


PK-12 students in Florida with a disability.

0 %

Florida students with a disability who enroll in postsecondary education.

0 %

High school graduation rate of Florida students with disabilities.

0 %

Floridians with a disability who have some college or an associates degree.

Making an Impact

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The Able Network

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Our partners are from all across Florida.