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Jennifer GolisansosThe Able Trust, also known as the Florida Endowment Foundation for Vocational Rehabilitation, is a 501(c)(3) public-private partnership foundation established by the Florida Legislature in 1990. Its mission is to be a key leader in providing Floridians with disabilities opportunities for successful employment. Since its establishment, The Able Trust has worked with community organizations throughout the state to help thousands of Floridians with disabilities enter the workforce. The Able Trust youth programs provide career development and transition to many students with disabilities annually, helping to reduce the dropout rate and prepare young adults for life beyond high school.





Former Able Trust President and CEO, Dr. Susanne Homant, took some time to talk with Dr. Jerry Parrish of the Florida Chamber Foundation about the recently released Study of Employment of Floridians with Disabilities Report.  Click here to see the clip. 






Jennifer GolisansosARC Broward, a strategic employment grant awardee, created a Center for Financial Literacy Program that has helped more than 225 individuals. Of that number, 77 have gained employment. One of the primary objectives of this program is to increase the financial literacy of participants, and ARC Broward has achieved this with specialized curriculum developed on a national level and implemented locally. A Financial Social Work Educator/Coach was added to the staff to give participants who gain employment additional support in sound personal finance strategies and habits.

Juan is one of those participants. He came to ARC Broward with difficulties maintaining his employment, and started a series of weekly classes. Juan worked with a job coach, who assisted him in completing applications and interviews. He was offered two different jobs, and chose the one that most closely aligned with his interest in technology, leading to his employment at a mobile phone store. The coach has continued to help Juan through the new employee orientation and subsequent benchmark reviews. Juan has flourished in his new position, gaining both confidence and work hours since his hire date. He is now a full-time employee, and has already accomplished one of his goals of purchasing a car.

“I love being able to help my mom at home with the bills,” Juan said.  “I have confidence now going to the bank to deposit my money and budgeting.”

He has continued his money management saving strategies, and is on the path to financial independence.

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