Preparing Florida’s Future Workforce

Today’s workforce requires stronger skills than ever before. By 2031, 72 percent of jobs in the US will require postsecondary education. As the skills needed to be successful in the workforce increase and become more complex, many students with disabilities will continue to fall behind.  Their rates of high school graduation, postsecondary enrollment and postsecondary attainment are lower compared to students without disabilities.

The Able Trust’s youth programs are working to increase these rates and improve postsecondary education and workforce options for students with disabilities. Using a research-based foundation, we have been supporting students with disabilities for close to 30 years.

The Able Trust youth programs cover a wide range of activities, pointing toward a unified goal to enhance the likelihood of employment and economic success for students with disabilities by preparing and equipping them to excel in Florida’s workforce. 


Through these programs, The Able Trust collaborates with educators, service providers, business leaders and partners from around the state to ensure tomorrow’s workforce has the training and resources they need to thrive professionally.

Investing in preparing students with disabilities for post-secondary success helps nurture a stronger talent pipeline for Florida at large. As our state’s workforce continues to evolve, it is imperative that we focus on  opportunities to provide students with disabilities with the tools to adapt, grow, and advance in their chosen fields.

Our goal is to enhance the likelihood of employment and economic success for students with disabilities by preparing and equipping them to excel in Florida’s workforce. 

72 percent of jobs in the US will require postsecondary education

  • 28 percent of jobs will require workers with a high school diploma or less;
  • 29 percent of jobs will require some college or an associate’s degree; and
  • 42 percent of jobs will require a bachelor’s degree or higher
Projections of Jobs, Education, and Training Requirements through 2031, Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

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The transition from high school to college may be difficult for people like me but High School High Tech has helped me overcome those difficulties and taught me I can go into college.
Image of Will Carpenter, High School High Tech Student Ambassador
Will Carpenter
High School High Tech Ambassador
As a freshman, I was in the program thinking this is just a program to join. I wasn't really thinking about college and the future. But, it helps me know what I want to do after high school. It's really helped me mentally know what I want to do in life.
Shalamar Levarity
High School High Tech Student

The Able Trust Youth Programs

High School High Tech

The Able Trust High School High Tech (HSHT)  provides high school students with all types of disabilities the opportunity to explore jobs or postsecondary education leading to in-demand careers. HSHT links youth to a broad range of academic, career development and experiential resources and experiences that will enable them to meet the demands of the 21st century workforce.

While in High School High Tech, students are given the opportunity which include:

  • Touring local businesses and industries to learn about in-demand careers.
  • Visiting colleges and universities to learn about educational opportunities.
  • Developing soft skills important to the workplace.
  • Learning by doing through participation in career experiences.

Futures in Focus

The Able Trust is launching a new program  — Futures in Focus — for students with disabilities, ages 12-22. We have an almost 30-year history of supporting Florida’s youth with disabilities through High School High Tech, a comprehensive career and postsecondary exploration program for high school students with disabilities, and we are excited to be able to expand career exploration opportunities to more Florida students.

Futures in Focus is being launched in partnership with the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations. The Consortium champions Florida’s robust network of local education foundations aligned with nearly every county-wide school district. Their mission is to work with their members and partners to connect individuals, organizations and financial resources, building the capacity and effectiveness of local education foundations. 

High School High Tech Ambassadors

The Able Trust has launched the High School High Tech Ambassador Scholarship program for senior students interested in strengthening their workforce readiness skills and becoming more involved in their communit

During this school year, the ambassadors will have the opportunity to meet local business leaders, make presentations to The Able Trust Board of Directors and strengthen their communications skills. In addition, each ambassador will receive a $500 scholarship to use to further their education or workforce training.