The Hidden Talent Pipeline

Securing and retaining strong talent that delivers results is the not-so-secret key to business success.  What is surprising, particularly as many Florida businesses struggle to fill job openings, is that employers often overlook one of the largest pools to secure reliable talent — persons with disabilities. 

A 2018 Accenture study revealed several ways that businesses who hire persons with disabilities (PWD) outperform their peers who do not hire PWD:

  • 28% higher revenues,
  • double net income, and
  • 20% higher profit margins. 

A 2018 study conducted by the National Institute of Health indicates that competitive advantage, including attracting diverse customers, customer loyalty, innovation, productivity, work ethic and safety, goes up when PWD are employed.

Surveys of employers, including a 2020 Able Trust Survey, indicate that PWD would be welcome in the workplace by both management and co-workers: 

  • 87% of respondents identified disability inclusion as important to their hiring practices,
  • 81% felt that PWD perform the same or better as non-disabled workers.

The five million PWD in Florida represent a potential talent pool that is frequently overlooked. We encourage business and community leaders to take the first step and The Able Trust is here to help.

  • Host an industry tour for job seekers with disabilities.
  • Invite us to speak to your business or local chamber about the benefits of hiring PWD, by contacting Allison Chase at [email protected].

You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Learn how to get started by adopting inclusive friendly policies.