The Able Trust Youth Leadership Forum


Each year, The Able Trust Board of Directors reviews its strategic plan to make sure the primary programs of the organization remain relevant to achieving the mission of successful employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  The Board reviewed three key programs during its planning session in September, and determined that the cost of the Youth Leadership Forum, the difficulty in recruiting high school students for attendance, and the continuing funding shortfall for the program all pointed to a need to review the program for its effectiveness in helping to achieve the mission.  It was generally agreed that The Able Trust has a role in providing leadership training to those it serves, but the structure of that training is due for some re-design.

At its December Board of Director's meeting, a motion was passed unanimously, to conduct research and analysis in fiscal year 2018 to identify the critical leadership needs of youth with disabilities.  This will delay any youth leadership training events until fiscal year 2019, when the results of the research can be applied in the design of such events.

The intent is to upgrade and improve the activities that provide the leadership skills needed in the current environment to become employed and advance in a career.  The research and analysis, which will include significant input from youth and young adults, will take several months to complete.  This means that there will be no Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) in July, 2018, since the process to organize that program would need to begin in January, long before research results would be available.  However, it is the intent of the Board and staff that leadership training for youth and young adults with disabilities take place sometime in fiscal year 2019, the design of that activity to be determined.

More information will be available as the research and analysis continues.  To our volunteers and consultants who supported the YLF over the past years, thank you for all you have done, and do stay tuned.  We will need you as we move forward!


Able Trust Board of Directors