Common Questions & Answers

St. Petersburg College Foundation in St. Petersburg, Florida has been the recipient of a Strategic Employment Placement grant from The Able Trust. The grant funded Career Placement Specialist at the college has assisted graduates with disabilities in landing employment in their career field including Danny who works as a drafter using the Associate of Science degree he earned in Engineering Technology.

Welcome to Q&A, The Able Trust’s practical guide to developing a grant proposal for consideration for a grant from The Able Trust. Here we seek to provide information to demystify the grant proposal process and provide answers to common questions. The Able Trust does not expect every applicant organization to have a professional grant writer on staff, but organized and clear proposals are essential to moving forward in the review process. If you aren’t yet familiar with the Type of Grants The Able Trust funds please click on that section to review the types and the applicable instructions for each type.


For The Able Trust a proposal starts with a Cover Page (page 1), a Narrative (page 2-5) that is the Project Plan and description as outlined in the directions and a Budget Page (page 6).  The Grant Narrative explains an organization’s employment project and the Budget supports the strategies and activities outlined in the Narrative. These six pages comprise the Grant Proposal and along with the listed Supplemental Materials make a complete application.


  • Decide which grant program is applicable to an organization’s employment goals and follow those guidelines closely.  
  • Be sure to have an identified clear need for the program. Share relevant data and experience in this section that supports not only the general need, but the need for The Able Trust to be involved with the program under consideration.  
  • Provide a clear summary of how the program will work.  How will individuals transition through the program?  How do individuals find the available program?  How are relationships with area employers established and maintained? How does Job Seeking occur? How does follow up on the job occur? 
  • Provide a clear plan on how evaluation will occur.  How will the organization know that the work accomplished during the grant year is of quality?  What are the milestones and goals?  How will the organization document activities and the performance of activities?


The budget format is described in the guidelines of each proposal type but it can be helpful to things of the project narrative and the budget as documents that support each other.  Activities listed in the project narrative should be financially support by the budget.  The budget should contain all source of definite and probable funding.  Don’t forget to provide a column to item what an organization is providing that supports the project such as additional staff input, supervision or available equipment.  The budget should not contain items that are not mentioned in the narrative.  For The Able Trust it is important to remember that the purchase of vehicles, real estate, capital improvements, fellowships, travel grants and scholarships are not considered for funding.