Junior Staff

It's Time to Give Something Back, Be a YLF Volunteer!

YLF alumni have an opportunity to volunteer for the program as Junior Staff, Facilitators and Program Support Staff. This is an excellent way to expand your leadership development, give back to the YLF and serve as a peer mentor to other students with disabilities who are experiencing YLF for the first time.

All volunteer positions are considered to be full-time. Volunteers arrive at the YLF on Wednesday for staff training and set up. All volunteers must reside in the dormitories at Southgate Campus Centre with the delegates and YLF Staff for the entire forum.

Support Staff


Working as Junior Staff is satisfying because you are helping a new group of delegates and showing them the way through the week's events. It's important to remember that being selected as Junior Staff is a privilege and you will have far more responsibility during the week than when you were a delegate. If you are up to the challenge and want to try out those leadership skills you learned as a delegate, you are encouraged to apply to be a member of the Junior Staff team.

There are a limited number of slots for Junior Staff members. Therefore this is a competitive application process, and selection will be based on your participation in past YLFs, your experience as it relates to the event, your desire to give back to the program and your ability to meet all the necessary deadlines. Applications are reviewed by the YLF committee, and selections are made by February prior to the Forum.

Criteria for working as Junior Staff include:

  • Acting as a role model for delegates
  • Interacting with delegates
  • Guiding them through their YLF experience
  • Assisting the Facilitators with Home Group discussions
  • Providing logistical support to YLF Staff



Facilitators play an important role in the success of the YLF. These individuals are assigned to work specifically with a small group of students and lead discussions, serve as chaperones throughout the event, assist with workbook activities and facilitate interaction and communication among students.

Criteria for working as Facilitators include:

  • Demonstrating good communication skills
  • Possessing an enthusiasm toward youth
  • Being able to interact effectively with others
  • Having the ability to adapt to new surroundings and follow an intense schedule of forum activities
  • Demonstrating an ability to lead small group discussions

Program Support Staff

Program Support Staff assist with tasks such as:

  • Facilitating interviews and introductions between students and speakers
  • Floating among groups to help with discussion aides/workbook activities
  • Assisting with logistics such as registration, departure chaperones, etc.

* YLF Requirements

  • All YLF volunteers affiliated with the program are YLF alumni or alumni staff
  • Facilitators should also be age 21 and older
  • All volunteers must undergo a criminal background check