Why Apply?

Top 10 Reasons to Apply for the Florida Youth Leadership Forum

  1. It's prestigious - only 50 students are selected from applications received from across the state of Florida.
  2. Make a Friend - You'll meet student leaders with similar experiences from across the state
  3. Have Fun. This is not your ordinary leadership event
  4. Learn more about the resources available to you to help you prepare for life beyond high school
  5. Realize the importance of advocating for yourself to achieve your personal goals
  6. Meet a mentor in a career that interests you
  7. Learn more about leadership skills that will help you reach your full potential
  8. Understand different abilities of yourself and your peers
  9. Learn how to give back - the YLF offers alumni volunteer opportunities to continue developing their leadership training
  10. This is an ALL EXPENSES PAID weekend, including your transportation and housing