"Tyler arrived back home safely with many stories to tell, but more importantly a lot of names that I don't think he will soon forget. It certainly seemed to be an experience that has enlightened him tremendously, and has made him more aware of the needs of persons suffering with so many different types of disabilities, including his own. He spoke so highly of all his encounters with everyone that made it such a positive experience for him. Thank you for your involvement in such a great organization." 
Charlamae Brooks - mother of 2015 delegate Tyler

"The Youth Leadership Forum has been an exceptional experience for Devin. Since her surgery in January and all the things that have followed, I have seen her positive, optimistic attitude be challenged and defeated in many instances. As Devin shares her pictures and stories and lessons she learned, I see that positive, can do attitude come back!"
Mother of a 2014 delegate

"My sweet, sweet, sweet boy came home more confident; more sure of himself and a completely different perspective of making friends that have physical disabilities as well as the learning disabilities he struggles with. Matthew has always been a good boy but he found a second family at YLF. We really didn’t have any idea of what to expect of the camp and he even hesitated a couple days before not sure that he wanted to go. What you did for him has changed his life forever. Besides coming home completely exhausted, sore and had no voice; he was beaming! Matthew’s literal words when he got in the car was “mom, I am forever changed”. It far exceeded anything we could have imagined.”
Mother of YLF 2013 delegate

"When William returned home and shared his experience, he was so energized. All the fears and concerns he had when he left were replaced with confidence and enthusiasm about his future. He now has hope, and a sense of peace about the direction of his life."
Mother of YLF 2012 delegate

"It was so great that for once in my life, I was able to forget my disability and focus on my ABILITIES. It made me realize how blessed I was to have this experience, and I wouldn't change anything about my life. My disability has only made me stronger because my perseverance and my character has grown with it."
Tyler, YLF 2012

"Because of YLF I will continue to build my leadership skills by taking charge of my life and not letting anyone push me around. I now realize that the only person holding me back is me."
Jennifer, YLF 2011

"YLF taught me that there are other people out there who know what I'm dealing with, and that I can be stronger."
Kinsley, YLF 2011

"I feel that I and the others around me who have disabilities have the right to take up for ourselves and not feel nervous about telling others that we have a disability."
Evan, YLF 2011

“I learned that even though I have a disability, I can still be a leader and pursue my goals.”
Tony, YLF 2010

“I learned that I (along with others with disabilities) can and should strive for independence. I met people here that can help me figure out what career path I want to pursue when I go to college.”
Ashlen, YLF 2010

“The YLF experience – being around other people with disabilities – helped me gain social skills and learn to live independently.”
Renzo, YLF 2009

“The Youth Leadership Forum was a unique experience where leadership and friendship go hand in hand. This is a great place to meet new friends!”
Jesse, YLF 2009