Grant Writing FAQ

It is very important to follow the grant program guidelines pertinent to the type of grant request of The Able Trust.  Please visit the Types of Grants page to review the grants available and download the instructions associated with the type of grant an organization is interested in.  Follow the guidelines listed, including instructions about the cover page and budget page.

Once a grant draft is completed The Able Trust recommends that an organization circulate it amongst three reviewers that may include staff and at least one person that is only lightly familiar with the work of the applicant organization.  If the reviewers understand the proposed program than the Draft just might be ready to become a final document, but be prepared to listen to the selected reviewer’s questions. The questions a reviewer has will highlight areas that may need additional clarification and rewriting to be clear, so don’t miss this opportunity!  During a peer review make sure that items mentioned in the proposal are listed in the budget and items listed in the budget are mentioned in the proposal narrative.  Also, add up numeric columns to see if listed totals are correct and any other numbers mentioned in the document remain consistent across the pages and the draft revisions.

Once a proposal is considered ready, prepare the supplemental materials required and submit to The Able Trust before the associated deadline, as described in instructions.  If Questions remain, ask! Email or call 850-224-4493. 


Common Questions & Answers for The Able Trust new Grant Guidelines


Angel has received on-going training from The Able Trust grant funded program at Stand Among Friends that gave him the technical know-how to be qualified for a promotion at his work with an engineering company in south Florida.


Caesar is a savvy professional living with legal blindness who had difficulty finding employment. With assistance from a grant funded by The Able Trust to Stand Among Friends in Boca Raton, Florida he was able to obtain the training and equipment necessary to accept and excel at his new job.

What do I send in to The Able Trust?

A complete proposal should contain a Cover Page, Narrative and a Budget Page. Submit four copies of a complete proposal to The Able Trust at 3320 Thomasville Rd, Suite 200, Tallahassee, FL 32308. With these four copies of a complete proposal, one copy of supplemental materials should also be submitted. The Supplemental Materials are listed in the instructions.

What happens if I miss the Strategic Employment Placement Grant deadline in November?

The Strategic Employment Placement Grant program is a once a year opportunity. Proposals received after the deadline will not be reviewed as the assessment and qualification process would have already begun. An organization could elect to seek a one year grant through the General Employment Placement Grant program of The Able Trust. Those instructions are different from the Strategic Employment Grant Instructions and can be downloaded from The Able Trust website,

Can a proposal be postmarked ON THE DATE DUE, or does it need to be in the ABLE TRUST office ON THE DUE DATE?

It needs to be at the office of The Able Trust before the close of business at 5 PM on the listed deadline day.

Do I have to wait for the deadline to submit my grant proposal?

No, The Able Trust will accept a proposal from an organization before the deadline date.

I don’t get it. What is the difference between the Strategic Employment Placement Grant and the General Support for Employment Placement Programs?

The Strategic program is an opportunity for applicants to present to The Able Trust a complex three year initiative to develop relationships with employers in their community while preparing and helping to place individuals with disabilities into employment in their community. This type of program is implemented with assistance of the staff at the organization, deliberate assistance from the Board of Directors at the organization and from an array of community resources that include businesses. The General Support program provides assistance for one year to expand the employment program in some way or to assist additional individuals than already scheduled to be assisted. If an organization is familiar with the previous grant program at The Able Trust the General Support for Employment Placement program is very similar to what was offered previously. BOTH of these grant opportunities are expected to have employment results for individuals with disabilities.

What are the deadlines again?

For the Strategic Employment Placement Grant the deadline is once a year on November 16th, 2018.

For the General Support for Employment Placement Programs there are two deadlines, one on July 5th , 2018 and one on April 5th, 2018.

Can I apply for both?

No, organizations will have to choose which grant opportunity best fits their organizational needs to assist individuals with disabilities gain employment. If an organization is not awarded a Strategic Employment Placement Grant the organization could elect next to submit in either grant program category at the next cycle, but The Able Trust cannot consider two grant proposals at the same time for an organization.

My organization has a High School High Tech (HSHT) grant. Can my organization also apply for the Strategic Employment Placement Grant or the General Support for Employment Placement Grant?

Yes, organizations that are currently receiving funds to implement a HSHT program are eligible to submit a grant for one of the two grant categories as outlined on The Able Trust website. (This is the only exception to having two grants at the same time)

Who is eligible for a grant?

Organizations that are 501c3 organizations and are providing employment placement services to individuals with disabilities in Florida. Government created public benefit organizations such as schools and state colleges are eligible.

What does it mean by 50% of the budget has to come from other sources?

The reason an organization and program is available cannot be dependent on funding from The Able Trust. For a proposal to be considered there must be an active and current fundraising plan and incoming streams of revenue.

Is it worth my time to do this?

If an organization is interested in providing employment placement assistance to individuals with disabilities than yes it is worth staff time to make an application. The Able Trust has provided millions of dollars since the foundation was created in 1990. Grants are awarded to organizations each year.