How To Apply

The Able Trust looks forward to announcing grant opportunities and deadlines soon!

Strategic Employment Grant Initiative

This is the primary grant program of The Able Trust. Proposals that respond to this grant opportunity address the employment placement of Floridians with disabilities. 

About Strategic Employment Grant Initiative

The Strategic program is an opportunity for applicants to present to The Able Trust a complex three year initiative to prepare and place individuals with disabilities into employment and to develop relationships with employers in their community for that purpose.  This program began in 2011 when The Able Trust Board of Directors decided to provide catalytic funding that could generate more career opportunities for individuals with disabilities.  The employment emphasis of the grant is on career potential employment outcomes and promotion opportunities for individuals with disabilities, especially those that have received a degree or certification in a particular field to gain a position in that career field of choice.  The word “Strategic” has been deliberately chosen as part of the opportunity name because The Able Trust has found that it takes strategic moves by an applicant organization and its own board of directors to implement a successful program.  The grant time frame over three years is designed to assist organizations to build capacity and sustainability for the program beyond the grant funding time frame.  It is helpful for all grant applicants to review the Able Trust statement on Successful Employment first.

Selection Process

The selection process for the Strategic Employment Grants is a multi-step process.  An application received in September or April has multiple qualifying reviews and is placed on an agenda of the Board of Directors of The Able Trust to select candidates for a site visit review.  If an organization’s application is not selected for a site visit, notification of a grant decline will occur.  If an organization is selected to advance to the round of site visits, the next phase of consideration will begin.  After all candidate site visits are completed the Board of Directors will select final grantees at its next board meeting. 

This timeline can also be represented as the following process:

Representing a process line of events, starting in the far left is a large circle that represents the “Proposal Deadline September”.  The next smaller circle is captioned “Qualifying” and the small size circle is repeated title “First Review”.  A large circle again represents the midpoint of the process and is titled “Select Candidates Advance”.  After this two small circles appear titled “Technical Assistance for Site Visit” and “Site Visit”.  The final and repeated large circle represents the end of the selection process titled “Final Strategic Grant Awards selected by Board of Directors”.


Current & Past Grantees for the Strategic Employment Placement Awards have been:

2018 - Independent Living Resource Center in Jacksonville for Careers 360

2018 - Miami Dade College in Miami for MEED+

2017 - The Haven in Sarasota for Careers Without Limits

2017 - Vincent Academy/Van Gogh’s Palette, Inc. in Sarasota for Recovery Through Work

2015 - Tallahassee Community College in Tallahassee for Partnership Enabling Full Employment

2015 - ARC Broward in Sunrise for Center for Financial Literacy

2014 - The Dan Marino Foundation in Ft. Lauderdale for Career Launch

2012 - Stand Among Friends in Boca Raton for Career Ability

2012 - St. Petersburg College Foundation in St. Petersburg for Professional Career Placement


The online application can be accessed by Clicking Here.