Grant Information

Picture of Bryan working at the Call Center Business created by Lighthouse Works.

Bryan is working full time at a Call Center business created by Lighthouse Works.  The Able Trust has funded an employment placement program with Lighthouse Works in Orlando, Florida for individuals with visual impairments to be trained customer service agents for the onsite business and for employment opportunities in the community.

The Able Trust's mission is to be a key leader in providing Floridians with disabilities opportunities for successful employment.

One way our mission is accomplished is through opportunities in the Grant giving program.  The goal of The Able Trust grant program is to provide funds to qualifying organizations to provide employment placement programs that assist individuals achieve employment in their communities and in their career fields.

The Able Trust recognizes the great diversity of people across the state of Florida and welcomes proposals to address their employment needs.  It is helpful for all organizations interested in a grant from The Able Trust to review a copy of the Grant Policies.